Talk: Big physics and big computers – Prof. Kieran Holland


  • When: Thursday, Oct. 27
  • When: 4pm
  • Where: Olson 120
  • Who: Prof. Kieran Holland
  • Title: “Big physics and big computers”

For this week’s talk, we have a real treat: our own Prof. Kieran Holland, an expert at making supercomputers solve his knarly quantum field theory equations so he can better understand the Higgs particle. Come here this exciting talk on his research. (AND:  cookies before the talk!)

Here’s the abstract:

The goal of particle physics is to understand the interactions of fundamental objects at the smallest distances we can experimentally probe, and to ultimately answer the question, could the universe have been different. The newest experiment is the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, where the Higgs boson was discovered in 2012. My research is on using computer simulations to test if a particular model explains why the Higgs boson exists, as well as predicting new particles which the experiment should discover if the model is right. My talk will be at a general undergraduate level.

Talk: Doubleheader today–Tabletop Photons and Oddly Shaped Drums

  • When: Thursday, Oct. 15
  • When: 3pm
  • Where: Olson 120
  • Who: Brian Farr (’17) and Robert Ashby (’18)
  • Title: “Playing with photons on the tabletop / Hearing the shape of a drum”

Two of our students (sophomore Robert Ashby and junior Brian Farr) are beginning their research projects. Come learn about what they have been doing and their ambitious plans with their projects.